Waterproof trousers


Saturday 28th to Tuesday 31st January

Just a trip into Banbury and then later a Chinese takeaway to celebrate Chinese New Year was how Saturday was spent!

A horrible wet Sunday 🌧 But me and Gary went out for a 3 mile walk in it!

We walked through our town, around the back of the church, through Pool Meadow, across The Common and then back through the town to finish.

A very wet and muddy walk, but I really quite enjoyed it. Just the very simple idea of wearing waterproof trousers makes such a difference, so much more comfortable and bearable. I would have been absolutely soaked otherwise.

Back for a shower and then we went out to listen to some music in the Blue Boar. It was just a young man singing on his own but quite unusually he was singing some different, older songs that you don’t usually hear anymore. I was quite happy sat in this comfy chair (which seemed to match my jumper!)

listening to the singing and watching a family – a few ladies and even the men! and two little girls in their pretty ‘party’ dresses, dancing.

Monday and Tuesday were just fairly quiet days. I made sure I got a little bit of walking done though, a walk into and around our town yet again! followed by my usual walk to work and back.

Even during my ‘quiet’ times I am usually doing something. Their just not very exciting to blog about maybe!  Normal everyday things. But like I have already said I am still trying to sort my bedroom out, I am a member of a few online groups made up of people suffering with PBC or who maybe have had their own transplants etc. so I like to to get involved with some of these and try to leave some helpful comments when I can! I’m trying to arrange a suitable time to meet a lady who is doing some research into PBC. I always like to take part in those things. I’m in the process of arranging to make my volunteer time at the JR last a bit longer throughout the day. Lots of little odd things like this. And I’m also trying to fit little extra walks in wherever I can now. Thank goodness I am feeling well at the moment so that I am able to do all of these things. I have lots of different stresses on me mentally at the moment, but physically (apart from the usual aches and pains that I just have to live with now) I seem to be doing okay 👌

One quite major thing I am trying to do at the moment is to think of a way I can celebrate my special birthday which is coming up in February, but I just seem to be coming up against lots of brick walls. How can you find an activity/day out that lots of different people are prepared to do? It’s almost impossible and it’s driving me mad! 😖

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