Big puddle


Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd February

Work, an unexpected afternoon trip into Banbury with Leah, back to volunteering after not being able to make it for the last two weeks, another bizarre 2 mile walk around the outskirts of the hospital and then an evening walk where I got sprayed by a car as it drove through a big puddle! followed by another morning at work – this is how I filled these three days!

My feet were really hurting on my walk to work on Friday morning. I have been suffering with them for a while now and I have noticed that driving does make them hurt a bit more! 😫 I guess I really do need to go to the doctors and find out just what is going on. I’m hopefully not going to let it stop me doing my walking though.

Transplanting Pig Organs and Brain change in early PBC – two interesting articles I have found for you to have a read of.

And also – there’s new piccies on my Photos page 📸

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