Saturday 13th to Monday 15th May

Saturday – An afternoon walk to the cemetery with Julie, Hannah and Leah.

Then an evening meal šŸ˜‹ with everyone at the Toby carvery in Banbury for Leah’s birthday.

Sunday – I was about to walk home from Gary’s in the morning when I discovered that I couldn’t find my house keys anywhere šŸ˜ I was locked out šŸ˜« Luckily Robyn was on her way back from staying at Tom’s house so rather than just hanging about I decided to take off for a walk and get some miles in until she came back and could let me in!

I got back just a couple of minutes before Robyn did. This gave me time to take some photo evidence of the starlings that have decided to make a nest in the eaves of our house, right next to my bedroom. They have been waking me first thing in the morning for ages now, they are SO noisy. I would love to be able to see their nest and see just how many are up there, it literally sounds like twenty or thirty! It was scaring me a bit, I was thinking they were all in the loft space and I couldn’t bear the thought of the mess they would have made. (I sent Jack up to have a look one afternoon!!! Thankfully there was no sign of them whatsoever šŸ˜€) So I guess I just have to wait until they all decide to leave now, and then get the hole filled in quick so I don’t have all the early morning wake up calls next year!!!

(I found my keys by the way, it seems I had them all the time, just in a separate little bag which I didn’t think to look in šŸ˜³)

A visit to Stratford upon Avon garden centre in the afternoon and then as it was so lovely we went for just a little walk down by the river too.

Then back for a yummy barbecue!

Monday – Over the weekend I had been trying to carry on as best as I could and I just kept making myself do things, but I had still been feeling so unwell and I had completely had enough of it. I decided that I would go and sit and wait to see a doctor at the drop in clinic at the health centre, something I would not normally even consider doing. I know I already had my ‘Shingles’ virus going on but it doesn’t make me feel like this, this was something different. I told the doctor that I thought I had a flu like illness because that really is what it has felt like. (I have had Flu before, a few years ago now before my transplants, and I actually ended up in hospital with it, my already poorly liver couldn’t cope with it šŸ˜•) Anyway the doctor checked my blood pressure, temperature and listened to my chest. She said she thought it sounded okay but to be on the safe side she wanted me to go and have a chest X-ray. She did also agree with me that it did look and sound like I probably do have a flu like virus, which can really make you feel quite unwell.

So now I needed to make a special trip into Banbury to get this X-ray done. It takes longer to drive there than it does to have the actual X-ray taken, it’s literally over in a flash. 

A trip into Costa for coffee and cake. 

Then time for a walk. I thought I would do something a little different and I decided that I would try and walk from one retail park to the next! I got a little way but then the path decided to move away from the side of the road. As I wasn’t sure where it was going to take me and it looked like it might get a bit deserted I thought maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. So I retraced my steps and eventually took off through Beaumont Road Industrial Estate and walked all the way through it until I got back to the main road. What an exciting walk that was! I did over 2 miles though!

Later in the afternoon I suddenly started to have a cold! Bloody hell what next! Sorry for the detail, but for the whole evening my nose was literally streaming, it was just like a tap had been left on, it was unstoppable šŸ˜«

And then my right eye decided to go red and puffy too and my right cheek was red and burning šŸ˜• What is happening to me?

What a lovely photo!!! šŸ˜‚

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