Week off


Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th May

Leah had planned to have this week off before she started her new job on the 15th so I booked the days off from work too.

I had my last B12 injection on Tuesday so I combined my walk up to the surgery in with a nice afternoon walk.

Then on my way home I called into the salon where Robyn was doing Leah’s hair for her. I was lucky enough to get a cup of tea and some cake even though I wasn’t the client 😱🤗😋

I had a real sore throat ☹️ (I had already noticed just yesterday that I had my Shingles related virus yet again 😥)

Back out for another walk with Leah later in the afternoon 👣

I spent Wednesday pottering around in the garden as it was another nice day.

I wish I could say that I had done something wonderful and creative like these pictures above which I found on the Internet, but sadly not. Good ideas though aren’t they?!

And then this time a walk with Gary later in the afternoon. (My throat was still so very sore).

I woke up Thursday morning with my whole body aching. I didn’t feel brilliant at all. I soon developed a headache too. I couldn’t go volunteering obviously (not a good plan to take whatever I was suffering with to the already poorly patients) so what did I do? Lay on the sofa and rest? No. I decided to go to the tip as Leah was around to help me. So I sorted the things out of the shed that have been waiting to go for ages. Let me tell you it was very hard work for me to help carry it down the path and load it into the car. My body was struggling A LOT 😖

It was worth it though as it was SO good to get rid of all that broken rubbish!!!

And then stupidly I still made myself go out for our Thursday evening walk – 3.66 miles 😳

I had an appointment for yet another blood test on Friday morning (requested by Birmingham) and then Leah and me set off for the John Radcliffe hospital. Thankfully for once there was no appointment to attend. Leah was having an induction day there on Monday and I was showing her where the rooms were that she needed to get to, just to make it a bit less stressful for her on Monday morning 😕

A Friday evening walk 👣 I was really pushing myself. Needless to say that when I got home I did not feel that wonderful!
I still had this awful headache, aching and didn’t feel at all well. Why do I even have to be ill when I am on holiday from work? Am I not allowed just a little break from all this constant illness? It seems not.

By the way, as a result of one of my many blood tests, the amount of tacrolimus I need to take has now been put back up to 2mg twice a day.

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