Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th February

Happy Birthday to me 🎁🎂

And what a great way to spend my day, on a very muddy and flooded five and a half mile walk in the very cold wind and heavy rain showers.

Then we came across this.

There was no other way round and we didn’t want to turn back, so we just had to wade through.

We got completely lost at one point when we were out in the fields 🤷‍♀️ Luckily for us we eventually saw some other people in the distance so we decided to follow them which thankfully got us back onto our track.

My wellies were really not much use, they have had holes in them for ages, so basically I was just walking round with soaking wet feet and I ended up like this!

When we finally finished the walk there was a bit of a reward. I did get to have a pot of tea and a really lovely doorstep granary bread ham and cheese sandwich with a salad for my lunch which was very much needed and later on I was lucky enough to be given a chocolate caterpillar birthday cake 😋

All of the uneven ground made it a very good workout, we were all exhausted. It really hurt my toe though (I have arthritis in my big toe joint). I could barely walk the next morning 😖

Despite the cold I still tried to take some of my artistic photos!

This walk would be great to do again on a warm sunny day, it takes you past some lovely big lakes, woodland and streams (unless it was just flooded from all this constant rain and storms we have been getting!)

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