Very very painful


Saturday 9th to Tuesday 12th May

Do you remember that we planted some peas near the start of lockdown back at the beginning of April?

They’ve been growing well 🌱

Well on Saturday I actually fell into my tub of peas!

Ouch 🤕

I was trying to lift a heavy full bag of compost up a step and I lost my balance, down I went.

The next day my whole body was aching from the fall (that shows you’re getting old doesn’t it?)

My arm was bruised in a couple of places.

And my thigh was too.

This was the bottom of my leg soon after my fall before the bruising came out.

It was soon swollen and very very painful 😣

I’ve been hobbling and limping around ever since.

It hurts.

PS The peas have survived the trauma 😃

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