Two lovely walks


Wednesday 13th May

So Boris eased the lockdown at the weekend. All a bit worrying.

Lets hope it’s not too early and leads to something like this.

My car had a flat battery from lack of use so after being jump started it needed to go on a little run out and as the weather was lovely there was a little trip to The Rollright Stones

We then went on an adventure down a little footpath and found a lovely wood nearby. There were various pieces of ‘land art’ and a labyrinth, which we followed for a bit of fun.

Apparently it was a place to visit for last year’s Oxfordshire Art Weeks.

In the evening there was another walk, in our town this time, where someone has set up a little fairy trail 🧚‍♀️

It was so cute and pretty.

Despite my hurting leg, two walks today 😱 (Both places were deserted 😷)

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