Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November

Urm, I can’t walk to get anywhere. I have excruciating pain. Obviously going to work this Friday was completely out of the question.

If I had some crutches would I at least be able to get off the sofa and kind of get about the house?

I rang the doctors’ surgery but they don’t keep any. The only way you can get them is through A&E. ‘Why didn’t they give you any when you were there yesterday?’ I have no idea!

Leah happened to have the day off so she drove us to the A&E Department in Banbury where she works. But you have to go through the whole procedure of booking in as a patient and waiting to be seen by a doctor, you can’t just ‘go and get some’.

So I came away from my second visit to A&E with some crutches.

The pain was SO intense, any slightest movement was excruciating (there was no relief even when I was resting) but at least I would actually be able to get myself to the toilet! The simple things!

In the evening I had a Riverside party to go to.

The weekend was spent doing not much. Unfortunately I didn’t have much say in that matter.

Gary did make a curry on Saturday night which is always a good thing 😋

And he drove me down to the town centre on Sunday morning so that I could watch the Remembrance Parade. We were very lucky to find a good parking space but typically we got the timings wrong and were sat waiting for an awful long time! And to make matters worse I wasn’t even able to get out of the car and walk to Nero’s to get myself a coffee! 😡

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