Small steps


Monday 16th to Saturday 21st November

In the wars.

I finally had my flu jab at the weekend. Such a painful to move and very tender arm I had for a few days. Even my clothes touching it was so sore. Why does it do that?

And then, time to have all my bloods taken for Birmingham so they can be checked. As there are no clinic appointments at the moment, unless you need to be seen, I went to the local health centre.

Will, the nurse, was vicious! It did hurt and left me with quite a bruise this time and another slightly aching arm. I didn’t mind it too much though as at least he got it first time. Usually when the others are so much more gentle doing it, they don’t get it on the first attempt and end up having a few tries in different places. I don’t enjoy that 😐

Have you ever wondered What happens to my blood?

Interesting isn’t it? There are some clever people around! I wish I was one of them, I find it all so fascinating 🧐

Car picnic with Leah. Fun and very yummy 😋

I’m furloughed again đŸ¤¯

I hope you’re all doing okay and managing to get through this crazy #Lockdown2. It’s very different this time isn’t it? We can’t really escape into the garden for a couple of hours, we don’t have the warm sunshine this time ☚ī¸

Stay strong, be kind to yourself if you’re having a bad day, try to stay in touch with people wherever you can, remember to just take small steps each day and as you can see in the picture below, we will get through it đŸ’Ē

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