Getting old


Friday 25th September

Happy Birthday Hannah 🎁🎂

A day out for Hannah’s birthday today. We were going to Bounce near Milton Keynes. Lots of indoor trampolines!


Robyn, Leah and Hannah had a great time bouncing around, getting tired out very quickly. Very unfit or just getting old?!!   

Me and Julie just watched the fun. Would I have been able to take part? I really don’t know. My body kills when I’ve just been walking for an hour, so I dread to think what it would be like after bouncing for an hour :/
I did get to join in when we went through to another room though. We got to play table tennis and table football. Both great fun 😃  


We then went to a local Toby Carvery pub (birthday girl’s choice) for a nice lunch. I had a bit of both pork and beef with some vegetables, lovely roast potatoes and a bit of mash too. It was very nice. 

Then we were heading for home when Hannah decided a trip to Hobbycraft would be a good idea so she could spend her birthday voucher that Leah had got for her. Hannah likes to do decoupage and scrapbooking, so lots of things for her to choose from there. It even made Leah want to get in the spirit of things, and she got a few little bits and pieces so she could make a start on her scrapbook which she had got for CHRISTMAS!!!

Eventually we made it back to Julie’s and it was finally birthday cake time! YAY! 


It was delicious 😋

Thankfully I had felt a little better today and I managed to be able to enjoy the lunch and a bit of cake, as well as have some fun. It was nice for us all to be together. Thanks for a lovely day everyone 😃

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